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Supercar Screensaver
Level 1.9

Without opening movie

BR1 Launch Bay
Level 1.0
Desktop Themes
Level 1.8
Desktop Architect
(Theme manager)
Installation Guide
& Technical Notes

Note: all files are virus-free and can be opened directly from this page.

To install the Supercar Screensavers and Themes:

1) Click on Supercar Screensaver (~20meg)or BR1 Launch Bay Screensaver (~4meg) and either Open, or download and then open it.  If you have a previously installed version, it is not necessary to uninstall it.  If the opening movie clip causes problems, download the version without the opening movie.

2) Click on Supercar Desktop Themes (~8 meg) and unzip all files to

C:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes\Supercar.
Your unzip utility should create the folder for you.  If not, use Explorer to create it.

3) Click on Desktop Architect (~ 2meg) to install the Desktop Architect.  Run it, then go to File, Open, and browse to C:/Program Files/Plus!/Themes/Supercar.

A window will open with these themes listed.  Choose at will and then click Apply.


4)  This step is required because of a minor shortcoming in Desktop Architect. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Sounds & Audio Devices. You should see the properties window. Click the Sounds tab. Notice that even though the Supercar sounds are in effect, it hasn't been saved as a sound scheme. Click Save As and save it as Supercar. That way, if you want to change or disable sounds, you can revert back without the need to re-apply the whole scheme again with DA.

The Supercar screensaver opens with a short movie that requires Quicktime. Click here to download it.

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Other images are used with the most generous permission of, and are copyrighted by
Mick Imrie, fRED Kuentz, Austin Tate, and Kez Wilson.

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