Robert N. Haeuser
MAPPER Consultant, Senior Analyst
Virtual Coordination
Austin, Texas

Summary of Qualifications

MAPPER Coordination, Systems Analysis, Run Design, Implementation, User support, and consultation, particularly regarding new systems and the conversion of Legacy systems. Trained and supervised over 120 people in the use of MAPPER Run Design. Solid organizational and time management skills.

Technical Experience



Software, Tools, and Utilities
MAPPER (2200, UNIX, Windows NT, MSW), Internet Commerce Enabler (CoolIce), MAPPER Presentation Client (MPC), Designer Workbench, Accessory Manager, SSG, GURU, TRAM, RADS

Operating Systems/Hardware
Unisys, Windows Advanced Server, and Windows PCs

Job Experience

Retired from Health and Human Services Commission
April, 2014

Texas Health and Human Services Commission
November, 2007 - April, 2014

MAPPER Coordinator, Analyst, and Run Designer for multiple State Agencies

A number of Texas state agencies were created in the wake of the breakup of the Texas Department of Human Services. As a result, MAPPER applications that were under a single agency are now spread among several. Rob provides all aspects of MAPPER support for these multi-agency applications.

California Solitsys Technologies
April - October, 2007

MAPPER Application Support and Development

Contracted to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services to support the General Relief Opportunuties for Work (GROW) System.

Virtual Coordination, Inc.
2001 - 2007

MAPPER Consultant, Senior Analyst, CEO.

Contracted to the California Statewide Automated Welfare System, on projects including Client Vendor Voucher Payments and the Restaurant Meals Program.

April, 2001 - March 2005

Harris County, Texas providing functional enhancements and a web interface for the Burglar Alarm Permit System.

URS Corporation (database modifications, production control table maintenance, MAPPER database file capacity expansion, and hardware upgrade recommendations).

2004 - Present

CIO, Senior MAPPER Analyst/Developer

Development projects include:

A new web-based interface to MAPPER (BIS);

A suite of applications to support the EnterpriseOne General Ledger (JDEdwards), using the BIS-ICE environment;

A web-based front-end to an Accounting System that has been in production for over 16 years;

Purchased, installed, and provide technical support for Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Unisys BIS 9.1a running on a Dell PowerEdge 6450 Server.

Vector Software Services/Expanets, Inc.
1997 - 2001

MAPPER Consultant and Senior Analyst, contracted with:

America West Airlines (Y2K)

Andersen Windows (Y2K)

Radian Corporation, as Coordinator, Run Designer, and User Support Specialist. Developed the Accounts Data Warehouse, updated nightly via SQL data transfer from a JDEdwards system running on an IBM AS400.

Bellsouth Telephone Company - Run Design team member for the Telephone Number Pooling project.

Sterling Information Group
1993 - 1997

MAPPER Consultant and Senior Analyst, contacted with:

Radian Corporation as Coordinator, Run Designer, and User Support Specialist. Monitored database utilization and purge procedures. Implemented the Cycle/Merge process. Created the Account/Project system, including dozens of screens, database maintenance routines, and report generation utilities. Ported the system from a MAPPER 2200 to NT environment.

Texas Department of Human Services
1975 - 1993

MAPPER Coordinator, Analyst, Run Designer, Systems and User Support   1982 - 1993

Worked extensively with the MAPPER internalist on local modifications. Monitored database utilization and purge procedures. Implemented the Cycle/Merge process.

Developed utilities to control the print and message queues. Created an enhanced Primer/Killer process that allowed users to protect important reports and recover deleted data.

Developed numerous turnkey applications, including an industrial-strength Help Desk and a Medical Transportation System that scheduled and tracked medical appointments for over 74,000 welfare recipients.

COBOL Programmer/Analyst   1979 - 1982

Business systems, Capital Equipment Inventory, Financial Systems, Social Services Systems.

Record Control, Computer Tape Library   1975 -1979

Developed techniques instrumental in managing a Computer Tape Library in excess of 50,000 tapes. Assisted in supervision of Tape Library personnel.


Trained in MAPPER Run Design, Advanced MAPPER Run Design, MAPPER Coordination, MAPPER Internals, the MAPPER Calculate function, COBOL, ECL, QLP, and RADS. Attended seminars on various Unisys products, including Internet Commerce Enabler (ICE) and the Point and Click MAPPER Environment (PCME).

Trained in Ground Radio Repair, United States Air Force.

Attended Louisiana State University at New Orleans, majored in Engineering.

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